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Like many great ideas, Vinfluence was conceived over a bottle of wine shared with friends. A Petite Sirah purchased directly from a tiny winery in Napa, the wine was outstanding. It was a limited-production, handcrafted wine that wouldn’t easily be found in stores–if at all. So, when the last drop was gone and the group wanted more, it clicked: it should be easier to access artisanal wines. The idea for Vinfluence, a wine club that helps you discover the best small wineries in the country by delivering their wines directly to your door, was born.



Our Values

Our Founder


Shannon Westfall is a wine geek—the kind that obsesses over specific vineyard sites, asks winemakers about their ‘oak program’ and relishes the story behind every bottle. She fell in love with wine nearly a decade ago, on a vacation to Napa and Sonoma. When Shannon ventured off the main drag and away from the big commercial tasting rooms, she discovered where the real magic happens: in small, independent wineries.

After many years as an amateur oenophile, Shannon became a certified sommelier and a wine educator.  She believes that every bottle tells a story—it’s a tale of who made it, where it’s from, and who you choose to share it with. Shannon stands firm that the best wines are handcrafted in small lots by winemakers who view wine as an art form, not a product. Additionally, Shannon is a California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador, as she believes that wine can delight your palate without hurting the planet. When Shannon founded Vinfluence in early 2016 she joined her passion for fine wine with her desire to make a difference.

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