We donate 10% of profits to charitable organizations making a difference.

You can help fight hunger, renew the environment, and support underserved youth just by drinking great wine. 

Fighting Hunger & Food Waste



City Harvest pioneered food rescue in 1982 and, this year, will collect 55 million pounds of excess food to help feed the nearly 1.4 million New Yorkers struggling to put meals on their tables.  City Harvest takes a long-term approach to hunger relief through its Healthy Neighborhoods program.  To learn more about City Harvest, visit cityharvest.org.

Replanting Our Forests



Sustainable Harvest International promotes healthy farming methods in rural communities in Central America as a way to reverse tropical deforestation and combat poverty.  Their model equips and empowers low-income farmers with the resources to halt tropical deforestation and build strong, self-supporting communities through agribusiness.  To learn more about Sustainable Harvest International, visit sustainableharvest.org.

Youth Advocacy



The Fiver Children’s Foundation is a comprehensive youth development organization that makes a 10-year commitment to children from underserved communities throughout New York City and central New York.  Through character-building summer and year-round out-of-school programs, Fiver empowers children to make ethical and healthy decisions, to become engaged citizens, and to succeed in school, careers, and life.  To learn more about Fiver Children’s Foundation, visit fiver.org.

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